FAN Crisis

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The FAN Crisis was a foreign affairs crisis between Liberalia and the Federation of Allied Nations. The government of Liberalia at the time sent a message to the FAN government requesting that they do something to put a stop to this. The FAN government, which included several people already hostile to Liberalia, decided that this request constituted an attempt by Liberalia to interfere in FAN affairs and refused to cooperate. Liberalia attempted to negotiate the situation, but Liberalian ambassadors on the FAN forum were met with extreme rudeness, leading to the government giving up on the issue. This situation continued until FAN, which had been identified as a region effectively being used by MOIS Norad, took part in an intelligence mission on the Liberalian forums, spying on and infiltrating private forum sections with the help of a Liberalian friendly to their cause. That particular Liberalian was removed from his positions and left voluntarily. However, the spying attempt run by Atholon and Senorak Valley caused outrage in Liberalia and led to a complete collapse of relations.

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